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Unity Fair Committee

Phone: (206)934-6335

Room: SAC355

The Unity Fair Committee is a CAB-led committee comprised of representatives from all the leadership boards, clubs and organizations that celebrate the diversity and accomplishments of the year. The Unity Fair Committee’s existence produces an event called Unity Fair which occurs at the end of Spring Quarter, this enables the entire campus community to UNITE for one big event.

Student Success Committee

Main Contact: Jun Deng

This committee is focused on connecting students with resources that encourage and promote student success, development, and well-being.

Chaired by the ASC Executive of Student Services, this committee meets on a weekly basis to discuss student needs and address those needs with innovative projects.

Student Advocacy Committee

Main Contact: Akbota Assan

This committee serves as the information hub and task force on local, state, or federal political issues that impact students. Chaired by the ASC Executive of Legislative Affairs, this committee meets on a weekly basis to work on implementing strategies to empower the student voice.

Service and Activities Budget Committee

Main Contact: Yuansicheng Cai

Chaired by the ASC Finance Executive, this committee includes up to six other students who meet to review and allocate all S&A funds.

These funds support many services for students: including cultural activities planning and implementation, tutoring, the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, child care assistance, the ASC book fund, student publications, student involvement (clubs and organizations), multi-cultural services, and much more.

Safety Committee

Phone: (206)934-5487

Main Contact: David Sandler

This campus wide committee addresses safety and emergency planning issues on campus. Members will monitor and review safety and health practices campus−wide, educate the campus community regarding safety issues, and assist in correcting identified unsafe practices or conditions.

Facilities Operations & Management Advisory Committee (FOMAC)

Phone: (206)934-4340

Main Contact: Chuck Davis

The purpose of the Facilities Operations & Management Advisory Committee (FOMAC) is to provide a multi-disciplinary review team leading to recommendations regarding facilities and operations issues. The committee will provide guidance to the Director of Facilities and Plant Operations to ensure that the high level activities and processes of the Facilities department are aligned with the strategic priorities of the college and result in smooth functioning, attractive, and efficient facilities.

Cultural Activities Committee

Phone: (206)934-6335

Room: SAC355

The Cultural Activities Committee plans fun, traditionally celebrated events on campus, and also helps school organizations to put on campus-wide events. Some of these events include Halloween, Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Valentine’s Day and the Winter Dance.

Creative Arts Series

Phone: (206)934-6335

Room: SAC355

The Creative Arts Series helps plan events that involve any form of creative expression; be it visual, performance, etc. They curate, facilitate and implement events that help the student body and faculty appreciate the talents of the campus community and also manage the People of Seattle Central page.

Communication Committee

Main Contact: Kankanit Wiriyasajja

Chaired by the ASC Executive of Communications, this committee serves as the information hub for Student Leadership. Student representatives from each Student Leadership board meet every week to exchange reports and create marketing strategies to reach out to students.

Issues and Concerns Committee

This committee serves as a guiding resource to address and seek resolutions of issues and concerns of the student body of Seattle Central. Chaired by the ASC Issues and Concerns Executive, the committee meets on a weekly basis to assist students with questions or problems and refers them to the appropriate campus resource for assistance. In the past this committee has dealt with issues around smoking on campus, public bathrooms, and the conditions of facilities.

To get involved contact: Ying Zhou

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